Is Cleaning an Essential Service?


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With a rising number of cases of COVID and many families staying at home, it’s important to consider whether or not residential house cleaning services are essential. While many people think that hiring a cleaning service is a luxury, it’s actually a necessity.

Proper house cleaning can be challenging and time consuming, especially now when we’re working harder than ever, and some of us are even involved in helping children stay focused during virtual learning sessions. During quarantine, these tasks take first priority, yet sanitizing and disinfection are more important than ever. 

Creating a clean and sanitary home environment for your loved ones is an essential task. Our team is focused on improving Indoor air quality and eliminating germs and viruses to keep your family safe and healthy. You can also trust that our cleaning staff are wearing PPE and practicing safe social distancing practices to protect you and your family. 

Creating a clean and sanitary environment in your home is more important than ever. While we’re all spending more time at home, taming the mess can be extremely challenging, and it can have a major impact on our focus at work and our ability to relax. Having a home that is professionally cleaned and disinfected is an investment in your mental health and physical well-being. 

Call us today for a free quote and we can discuss how our cleaners can eliminate stress and mess in your home. We serve Hamilton County and Northern Indianapolis