National Professional House Cleaners Day

Professional house cleaners are essential members of society. National Professional House Cleaners Day on September 17th celebrates these people for doing an essential job that we can't do ourselves, so it's only fair to give them some recognition where credit is due- especially when most Americans take this profession for granted or overlook what they accomplish every day.

In 2019, the American House Cleaners Association (AHCA) established National Professional House Cleaner's Day as a means to promote awareness and appreciation for these skilled workers. Not only are they important when it comes time for our homes' cleaning needs but also make up one of the most important workforces in America!

Professional cleaners are trained and certified in the best, safest ways to efficiently clean your home. They can help people who find themselves short on time or who aren’t able to clean as well as a professional cleaner could. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, professional cleaners are vital in disinfecting to protect you and your family.

Take a moment and thank your professional home cleaner today. Celebrate people who are in an industry that is dedicated to making our homes clean, safe environments where families can thrive.

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