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Welcome to PlanB Cleaning. We're so glad that you stopped by to learn more about our cleaning services. We are Ben and Debbie Lovett and we service the Hamilton County area since 2013. Ben what do we offer? 

We would love to serve you by doing ongoing cleanings, coming out to your home and taking care of it every week, by weekly or monthly. In addition to that, we can also come out and do more of a deep clean. Whether you're moving and you need to have a move in or move out clean. You're hosting a party or an event and you just need some help there. Those are some things that we can do and how we can serve you.

While that's important, Debbie, I think it's more important to know why we do what we do. Would you tell our guest, why we chose to do a cleaning company. Yeah, of course. When I started out cleaning, I wanted to create a company that went above and beyond and didn't just want to, you know, go into a home and clean another toilet. I wanted to come alongside these families. You know, life is messy and the last thing they need sometimes or have time for is to clean and so here at Plan B Cleaning, we love to instill in our employees that this is about a relationship and not just about going in and cleaning, but, you know, we're doing life with you. We're helping you and we're taking a burden off of you.

One of those ways here, at PlanB Cleaning, is that we have a plan blessing and you can go and nominate and someone that you feel is in need of a cleaning and could be blessed. We vote on someone we're going to bless each month. To learn more, you can click on our website. Yeah, and just to learn more about us and how we do it, we do please continue to watch this video. 

We are here with Nadene and she is one of our clients and she's been with us for a few years and we love serving her and her family. Nadine, what is it that attracted you to our company and why have you chosen PlanB Cleaning? Yes, I love PlanB Cleaning. I have been through a lot of cleaning services because I'm not very good at cleaning my own home and we've had so many breakdowns with in the past, with past cleaning services and cleaning ladies calling in sick last minute, my house not being clean, people being late, it not being done well or my dog being mistreated. 

You guys have gone above and beyond. You guys have such an amazing service. 

You're so reliable, your girls are on time. They are professional. They are so kind to my dog. They are so kind to my child. There are even times where I feel like they're babysitting and I should be paying them more because they care and you can tell and they do the little things like they'll fold something that's just laying there.

It's just they go above and beyond. You guys go above and beyond and I have absolutely loved having you guys as our 
cleaning service. It's been such a blessing for me.

Well Nadene, It's been a blessing to serve you and your family.


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