The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Deep Cleaning Services

A spotless home is a wonderful thing to have…but it’s hard to get it all done and then KEEP IT that way. That’s when you call for house cleaning help! Plan: B Cleaning is the one to call.

Our lives get busy with kids, extended family, sports, hobbies, jobs, and more, and our clean home is always the thing that seems to suffer from a lack of time to finish it all. We see this in almost every home that we visit, and it makes us feel good to know that we are helping people who have busy lives!

One thing that keeps people and families from keeping up with the cleaning tasks is a lack of time and energy. That is one way that hiring a cleaning service can help you upgrade your standard of living AND give you back time.

Hiring Plan B Cleaning to do the housework for you saves you time and effort of doing it yourself, and you can spend that time doing what you want to do!

If you have an apartment, your storage space may be limited, and that is all the more reason to keep your apartment the cleanest it can be, because in a smaller space things can get cluttered even faster. You have to stay on top of the cleaning tasks.

In a Deep Cleaning we can do these chores for you at your apartment:

  • Kitchen: Disinfect and Sanitize countertop, stovetop, oven, outside/top of the fridge and inside microwave; Sink is disinfected and left clean; Sweep and wet mop the floors with Microfiber Mops.
  • Bathrooms: Disinfect, sanitize and wash all showers, tubs, commodes, and sinks; Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Bedrooms: Change the linens, make the bed, vacuum or sweep, dust all surfaces, dispose of garbage, collect items from floor or tables and put away.
  • Dusting: High (ceiling areas and walls)/low (baseboards) dust-remove cobwebs; Surface dusting-all flat surfaces hand-wiped with a microfiber towel.
  • Floors: Vacuum carpets: Sweep and wet mop floors hard surface floors.
  • Walls: Mirrors and pictures will be dusted and polished.
  • Trash: Trash will be taken out and then replaced with a new bag.
  • Clean the door panels, window sills, and baseboards.
  • Clean the Light fixtures/ceiling fans.
  • Dust the Blinds and shutters.
  • Clean the switch plates, removing dirt or fingerprints.
  • Fronts of cabinets are hand wiped (drawers are vacuumed and wet wiped when necessary)
  • Clean Ducts from dust.
How we guarantee a thorough cleaning in our deep cleaning process

Plan: B Cleaning uses the Top to Bottom-Left to Right method of cleaning our team will perform a Rotation Cleaning in every room of the home. We also guarantee you will love our work, or we come back to make it right. If we miss something in our cleaning, call us to tell us. We will correct it in another visit.

When a client calls to request a deep cleaning at their apartment, it is always an anticipated visit, from them and us. We love cleaning homes and we love to hear our client feedback!

If your apartment needs a deep cleaning, or a general cleaning, call us for a quote. We would love to help you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly with a scheduled apartment cleaning. Plan: B Cleaning is here for you!




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