Plan Blessing: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Do you know someone who would appreciate a free house cleaning service? If so, we’re here to show our support. Through this October (National Down Syndrome Awareness Month), our team at Plan: B Cleaning wants to show our love and support to our local community by offering free housecleaning services to families with children that have been diagnosed with Down syndrome. We believe that this will not only offer an opportunity to bless a family in need but will also provide us the opportunity to better support our local community here in Indiana.

The importance of raising down syndrome awareness

Down syndrome is one of the most common chromosomal conditions and occurs in about 1 out of every 800 births. When individuals with Down syndrome are given opportunities to live, learn and work, they can be successful contributors to society. It’s important for people to understand that this isn’t a disorder but a genetic condition that manifests differently for each person who has it. It’s often incorrectly considered a mental handicap because people don’t know how much these individuals can achieve if provided the opportunity. We want our community members to know that there are many ways we’re supporting awareness month by providing free housekeeping services for a nominee in need during October!

What is Plan: Blessing?

Plan B Cleaning dedicates itself to service the communities we provide by providing free cleanings for those who need it most. During this tough time, we want to demonstrate love and support. A clean house will not fix life’s problems, but it does have the ability to convey love and show support during a tough season. Plan Blessing includes free cleaning services for those in need in our communities. During the month of October, we provide families with a free cleaning in respect of Down Syndrome awareness. Plan Blessing is offered to all individuals who are in need of an extra hand during difficult times. Our hope is that through the power of cleanliness and hospitality, love and encouragement will shine through the difficult days.

What does the free cleaning service include?

A Plan B Clean includes a deep cleaning and light refresh, such as dusting, vacuuming, kitchen cleanup, bed making, bathroom tidy-up, and window washing. We want to serve the communities we provide services to by offering a free cleaning service during this month of down syndrome awareness. You cannot completely repair problems that have fallen on you by making your home clean. But having a spotless home can create peace of mind, and it shows love and support to someone you’re doing your best to take care of. We want to take care of you and let you take care of what matters.

Benefits of a clean home

A clean home can help relieve stress, improve your mood and increase your self-esteem. It also reduces the risk of accidents and will keep your family healthy by reducing dust mites and other harmful particles in the air. But most importantly, a clean house is a comforting place for children with developmental disorders like down syndrome to go home to after school. We want them to know that their home always welcomes them with open arms. And we want their parents to know that our team at Plan: B Clean has taken care of their house while they have been busy taking care of them.

Nominate a loved one for a free cleaning service

Nominate a loved one for a free cleaning for our Plan: Blessing this October. We want to support families and the communities we provide services to by providing them with a clean house. Plan: B Cleaning believes that the power of a clean house will not fix life’s problems but it does have an undeniable power to show love and support during a hard season. If you or anyone you know needs a little help getting their home clean, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch soon!

Help make a difference in our community

At Plan: B, we feel like it is part of our responsibility to support others in our community and make a difference. Help us make a difference today by nominating a family you know with a family member who has down syndrome. Together, we can strengthen our community and continue to look after one another. To nominate someone, please fill out the form via our and click submit. The more nominations we receive, the more people we can bless. Thank you for being a part of our effort to support our local community.