How to Declutter Your Life & Enjoy The Benefits of Cleaning on Mental Health and Well-being

Wondering how cleaning improves mental health and wellbeing? Several recent studies show that cleaning your space may help reduce your cortisol levels, reduce visual noise, and help you focus on the things you need to. Furthermore, even taking small steps to clean and organize, like making your bed in the morning or hanging up your clothes, can heighten your mood and productivity for the day. What may seem like a small task or chore really does have the ability to boost your well-being and impact your life positively.

At Plan: B Cleaning, we understand the benefits of cleaning and organizing both your space and mind, so we want to share them with you! We know that decluttering your life can be difficult, but one way to ease the process is by choosing our cleaning services as an ally to your mental health and wellbeing. Let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks, as well as the positive effects cleaning has on your mind, body, and overall well-being.

Tips for getting started

Before you begin, decide if you’re going to start with what’s easiest for you – your workspace or your bedroom – or if you want to set a goal for how much cleaning you want to and can do. If your goal is something lofty, such as “I’m going to declutter my entire house!” – that might be overwhelming at first. Instead, break it down into smaller chunks – perhaps starting by tackling your desk area, then moving on to other areas as they become manageable. Setting goals can help keep you motivated, but don’t be afraid to take breaks when needed. It may take several days or even weeks before you feel comfortable getting rid of things in your home. Just remember: You just have to start somewhere! Then, you can always pick up where you left off.

Why decluttering and donating can improve your mood

Decluttering is one of the first steps to deep cleaning. By getting rid of old items that you no longer use, you are actively creating more space for yourself and new, positive thoughts. When you give away or throw out things that aren’t serving you, it can also help reduce feelings of stress. If a room is overflowing with objects you rarely use, give those objects away. Donating items gives them a new life with someone else who will use them and frees up space in your home. You will feel happy to help someone in need, and also an immediate sense of relief once your new, clean space is established. It’ll be like taking a breath of fresh air.

If you are wondering where to donate clothes and gently used items, check out this blog for places to donate near Indianapolis, Fisher, Carmel, and so on. Find a cause that speaks to you, whether it is donating to domestic abuse survivors, homeless folks, refugees, and so on.

Ways to eliminate clutter

One rule that works well when decluttering is that if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. If you have doubts about whether or not you’ll ever use an item again, consider donating it rather than putting it in storage. And remember: Don’t sweat your stuff. Try to avoid getting worked up over clutter by reminding yourself that material things are simply items. They don’t define you, but neither do they dictate your happiness. Be disciplined but forgiving with yourself if some items seem hard to part with—after all, we all have sentimental attachments to certain items.

Organizing your belongings is as important as throwing them out

A well-organized home helps combat stress by being more effective, easier to use, and ultimately healthier for your mental wellbeing. You’ll be able to find things when you need them, making it easier to make plans and follow through. You won’t have a panic attack every time you come home from work; instead, you can enjoy kicking off your shoes and relaxing in a calm environment. Having less stuff just laying around also gives you a greater sense of freedom as there will be fewer options for clutter throughout your living space. Here are some easy tips and item recommendations to get organized:

  • Invest in desk organizers. (Check out your local office supply store or order online!)
  • Closet organizers. I am a big fan of my hanging closet and shoe storage purchases. These come in different sizes and styles so you can find what works best for you.
  • Baskets, lots and lots of baskets. Baskets can go anywhere and are great for storing nearly anything as they also come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Utensil organizers … basically special baskets for your utensils. These make putting away dishes so much easier.

Freeing up space in your home can have positive effects

Sort everything into four piles: trash, recycle, donate, and keep. Clearing out clutter has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase feelings of happiness. As satisfying as it is for our brains, decluttering also has practical benefits; you’ll save money by avoiding purchases you don’t need or making better use of household resources. If you’re trying to get your finances in order or simply have too much stuff, start decluttering now!

Examine your relationships with possessions, both material and digital

Being careful with possessions is important because every object you own serves a purpose. Ask yourself why you have each possession in your life and whether or not it enriches your life or consumes it. It’s also important to examine your relationship with digital possessions, like emails. You can start by asking questions like: Why do I have so many emails? What use are they adding to my life? Do I ever really read them? And what do they do when they just sit there in my inbox, untouched? A lot of times, we collect items that we don’t even need but convince ourselves that we need them. These items aren’t helping us; instead, they are literally sucking our time away from us. Start by deleting any old apps on your phone or computer programs you no longer use. Declutter your inbox while you’re at it. You can do this by unsubscribing to any newsletters from stores you no longer shop at. This will also help you avoid impulse buying.

Decluttering leads to more time you can spend doing things you enjoy

Simply having less stuff around can reduce stress, but we know you want more than just that. Not only will there be less clutter around your home making things easier to find, but you’ll also save a lot of time by not searching through piles or looking for misplaced items. If you’re always running behind because you can never find anything, maybe it’s time to declutter. If you can find your contact lenses, a spoon for cereal, and a spoon for cereal – you will be out of the door in no time!

Next Steps

After decluttering and organizing, you are ready for a deep clean. Treat yourself to assistance from a cleaning service to really get the grime out of your newly organized space.

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