5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home After a Good Cleaning

After spending the better part of an afternoon or a whole weekend cleaning your home, you are bound to find that the place looks and feels more livable. However, while you cleaned, you also emptied up more space and took the opportunity to notice things that could use some improvement. How do you go about sprucing up your home to make it look as great as it can? How can you make it feel more like home? Here are five tips on how to decorate your home after cleaning it.

1) Declutter and decorate

A decluttered home is a sign of a well-kept home. Not only does it look nicer, but it also helps you stay organized. Add some decorative organizers to your home to help keep the clutter at bay and your things in order. Invest in affordable organizers that can be used for multiple purposes. Magazine holders or baskets can be used for storage as well as decor. Other examples include bookshelves, and shelves in general, like shoe racks and so on. These organizers can truly double the decor by adding them to areas around your house. You can even get a fancy spice rack for your kitchen or a few jars for your bathroom necessities. Plus, these organizers are not only decorative but also functional. So while they make your space look a bit better, you will also feel more put together and enjoy convenience on a daily basis.

2) Update (or replace) light fixtures and lamps

A quick and easy way to change the feel of your home is to update light fixtures and lamps. This can be as simple as replacing an old, outdated light fixture with a new one. Or, you could invest in some new lamps for your home. Either way, this will help create a fresh, new look for your home. You can also spice up the space with LED lighting to add more color and have control over it. Did you know that you can even get LED lights that sync with your phone and flash to the beat of the music you play?

3) Add plants and flowers

There’s something about adding plants to your home that just makes it feel more alive. Not only do they add color and beauty, but they also help purify the air. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home after a good cleaning, adding plants and flowers is a great option. Go green! They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and of course – scents. Find flowers with a fun aroma, so that all of your senses can enjoy them. Look into small succulents or cactus plants as well, because they are low maintenance and trendy. Check out your local farmer’s market or home goods store for more options. Customize and take it a step further by looking for fancy pots and unique vases.

4) Play around with paint and other pops

A fresh coat of paint can really do wonders for a room. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even paint an accent wall. You can always experiment with color combinations and patterns when it comes to paint. Another way to add some pop to your home is by adding texture. This can be done by hanging new curtains or adding a few throw pillows to your couch. You could also try adding some unique rugs if you have the space for it.

5) Invest in art and antiques

Last but not least, spruce up your space with some new art or antiques. Visit a nearby gallery if you are looking to invest in some fancy decor. But arts and antiques do not have to be expensive. Check out your local thrift store or antique shop for unique pieces that will add character to your home. You can also opt to look into online shops like Etsy and Mercari, for more customizable and collectible options. This way, you can find the perfect painting, perfect photo frame, perfect trinket, and so on. But you can also feel good about where your money is going as you will be supporting a local business in your community or a small artist online.

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